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The second smallest country in South America is also one of the most interesting.

Bordering Brazil to the north and Argentina to the west, Uruguay offers countless beaches with beach houses for rent that attract people from all over the world.

The climate is subtropical but is known to change rapidly when a front moves in and encounters no resistance from the low-lying landscape. Local markets and small shops are where you will find leather goods, antiques, textiles, and typical Spanish and Italian cuisine. Cattle have traditionally outnumbered people and therefore travelers can easily find affordable and high-quality steaks just about anywhere. Yerba Mate is the drink of choice for the locals - do not be afraid to give it a try! The country is also rapidly becoming known for its fine wines.

Uruguay is now an extremely progressive country, offering free education and operating under a stable democratic government. It is similar in operation to the government of Switzerland and many comparisons have been drawn between the two countries. Historic tensions between right and left wing born from the Argentine and then Uruguayan Civil Wars in the 19th and 20th centuries were cooled by then-President José Batlle y Ordóñez as he adopted a democratic form of government and facilitated industrialization, but a period of military coup from 1973 - 1985 crushed the blossoming democracy.

Since then, Uruguay has practiced open and free labor and political conditions with a generally very accepting population. Low rates of violent crime and social progressiveness separates Uruguay from other countries in South America and tends to be a popular vacation spot of Argentines and Brazilians, among many others.

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