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“The Switzerland of South America”: charming Uruguay fully lives up to its nickname.

Socially progressive and politically stable, this tiny nation has long drawn sun-worshippers with its spectacular riviera. But Uruguay offers much more than sparkling sands and trendy nightlife.

There’s Montevideo, for starters. A walkable metropolis of palm-lined plazas and foodie markets, opera houses and rambling oceanside promenades, this cozy capital is a must-see port of call. Plus, not far from the urban scene lies a whole other side to Uruguay—a world of vineyards and hot springs, unspoiled dunes and horseback tours of local estancias.

Here are just some of the unexplored delights of this little-known gem:

  •  Colonia del Sacramento is a history lover’s dream. A quaint seaside village of decayed fortifications and rustic lighthouses, its cobbled streets got passed back and forth between Spain and Portugal for centuries. Today it’s tranquility incarnate—and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  •  Punta del Este is known as the Malibu of the South-American jet set: beautiful people and glitzy discos everywhere you turn. But if you’re seeking a getaway that’s more low-key, check out Jose Ignacio or Punta del Diablo, two shore areas with heart-stopping Atlantic vistas.
  •  Uruguayans claim their wine region, informally known as the Tannat Trail, produces the continent’s best vintages—superior to neighboring Argentina’s. Are they right? Taste for yourself, with just a short ride from the capital.
  •  Wanting to do something outdoorsy that’s not beach-related? Head to Sierra de Minas, a waterfall-threaded mountain range where you can enjoy rappelling, camping, rock climbing, and more. Bring your carabiner.


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