Tayka del Desierto , Bolivia

In the middle of an incomparable spot, painted with a range of colors that nature has whimsically combined, is the Hotel Tayka del Desierto, in the heart of the Siloli Desert in Bolivia.

In harmony with this Andean landscape, Hotel Tayka del Desierto opens its doors to welcome visitors from all over the world

The hotel offers the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in South America: the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Flora and Fauna Reserve, where you will find the wonderful Color Lagoons, the Geiseres de Sol de Mañana and the Stone Tree, among other attractions that await your visit.

Tayka del Desierto - Siloli Desert, Bolivia

Solar energy is used and there is also a heating system based on radiators that circulate hot water and emit heat. The hotel also offers food service in the restaurant, from where our guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the majestic Siloli Desert.

Colorful lagoons, species of flamingos, geysers, fumaroles and the Hotel Tayka del Desierto await you.

Hotel Tayka del Desierto

The hotel was built next to a water source, where different birds of the place (among them partridges) visit to drink water.

The combination of the water source, also called the eye of water, and the presence of these birds ended up giving the hotel its name: Hotel Tayka del Desierto Ojo de Perdiz, also known as Ojito de Perdiz.


The Hotel has single, double, triple, quadruple rooms and a matrimonial suite. All rooms have private bathroom, hot water and heating. There are specific rooms for the accommodation of support staff (drivers, guides, cooks).

Hotel Tayka del Desierto Rooms:

Hotel Tayka del Desierto Rooms
Hotel Tayka del Desierto Rooms
Hotel Tayka del Desierto Rooms
Hotel Tayka del Desierto Rooms
  • Hotel Tayka del Desierto Experiences:
  • Hotel Tayka del Desierto - Stone Tree Excursion

  • Stone Tree
    It is a large volcanic rock carved by erosion in the form of a tree, its size and shape will leave you surprised.

  • Laguna Colorada
    It is the most important site in the region for the observation of flamingos and for the coloration of its waters. Enjoy a spectacular view

  • Small lagoons
    Known as the Route of the Jewels with unreal landscapes, a succession of lagoons each more colorful than the previous one, ancestral volcanoes and deserts that never end.

  • Desert of Siloli
    It is reputed to be as beautiful as a painting by Dalí. The red sand reaches the horizon. The plain breaks in some places with giant stones with strange shapes.


Tayka del Desierto

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