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Why Colombia?

I have traveled to Colombia, and each time I am amazed at the diversity of experience that the country has to offer. Colombia is just discovering itself as a tourism destination, so right now you will see all of the beauty of other South American countries but a fraction of the crowd. 



Ask anyone who has been here and they will tell you that Colombia is an unforgettable holiday destination. 

Cartagena de las Indias was founded in 1533 and is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the whole of South America. In the old part of the city – the ‘walled city’ – Cartagena conserves the beauty of its colonial past in narrow streets flanked by heavy oak doors and pretty flowered balconies. Cartagena is the perfect combination of colonial history and Caribbean joie de vivre; come and visit its beautiful beaches lapped by crystal clear waters on the Rosario Islands, warm and friendly people, and a large variety of excursions and tours to choose from. 

Boyacá is a region located to the north of Bogota, framed by the foothills of the eastern Andes and full of historic scenery. It is scattered with sleepy villages that have retained their original Spanish colonial style. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by Boyaca’s mild climate as well as the variety of delightful handcrafted objects its people have to offer.

The Amazonas is tropical jungle crisscrossed by rivers that meet and flow into the mighty Amazon. With comfortable riverside lodges as your base, you will be able to visit the marvelous natural reserves inhabited by aboriginal indians. 

Popayán/Pasto is a hilly region that borders Ecuador. Pasto and Popayan offer precolumbian treasures, Spanish colonial towns, and spectacular landscapes of natural beauty.

Although the Coffee Zone occupies only 1.2% of Colombia’s total surface area, it produces nearly 50% of the country’s main export. Coffee is cultivated in a verdant landscape of hills and valleys, characteristic of this lush region. You are sure to enjoy visiting the coffee farms to learn how coffee is produced, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the delicious climate and friendly atmosphere.

The Caribbean coast of Colombia is the one most popular with tourists, both from home and abroad. The holidaymakers who flock here several times a year enjoy beaches of soft white sand lapped by crystal clear waters, and have at their disposal facilities for a whole range of water sports. Check out our blogpost "Dive into Colombia". This region, as it formed the backdrop to many events in this country’s turbulent past, also boasts the best preserved exponents of colonial architecture on the continent.

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"Fantastic and Unforgettable"

Incredible trip.  Our trip were both fantastic and unforgettable.  The hotels were first class and centrally located.  The guides were incredibly knowledgeable, spoke excellent English, were always helpful and on time.  All transfers and transits were perfectly coordinated.

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