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"Chile really does have it all!  High, dry deserts in the north, fertile agricultural regions in the middle, and Patagonia in the South. The Andes Mountains to the east and the long Pacific coastline!  And don't forget Easter Island! So much to love in Chile!"

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“A long petal of sea and wine and snow”: so wrote Pablo Neruda of his native land.

Turns out, the Nobel-Prize-winning poet basically got it right. Wedged between the Andes on the east and the Pacific on the west, this slender country sports a landscape that’s jaw-droppingly vast.

From watery archipelagoes to lush vineyards to neon-blue glaciers, Chile astonishes with its sheer natural beauty.

Start in the north. There the world’s driest desert offers roaring geysers and the clearest skies for stargazing on the planet. Further south, in the wilds of Patagonia, the jagged peaks of Torres del Paine National Park soar above one of the Americas’ prime trekking destinations. And on Easter Island, mysterious moai heads look out over an inexpressibly remote island paradise.

Here are just a few of the countless other options awaiting you in this jewel of a country:

  •  In the funky port of Valparaiso, some of the craziest elevators you’ll ever ride take you to the tops of hills adorned with masterful street art.
  •  On the lookout for a vintage Carménère or Chardonnay? Chile’s wine country offers tours, tastings, and sun-drenched strolls through the verdant valleys south of the capital.
  •  Deep in the Atacama Desert, an excursion on horseback or in a 4X4 puts you in contact with an uncanny, alien world. Here you’ll find geoglyphs, dancing flamingoes, and the eerie ghost towns abandoned after Chile’s nitrate boom of the 1930s.
  •  On the watery island of Chiloe, a traditional folk culture still follows the ways of its ancestors. There you’ll find houses perched on stilts, churches held together by wooden pegs, and a lively belief in magic woven into everyday life.
  •  From a San Pedro de Atacama lodge by vehicle, on foot, bike or horseback you can visit otherworldly places such as the Atacama Salt Lake, Moon Valley, the Tatio Geysers, Puritama Hot Springs. The more adventurous can climb 19,400 foot Licancabur Volcano.
  •  The Chile Lake District in northern Patagonia stretches from Temuco south to Puerto Montt. A landscape of temperate rainforest, snowcapped volcanoes, glacial lakes, quaint towns. Puerto Varas, on Lake Llanquihue, is an ideal base for hiking through the millenary forests of Alerce Andino National Park, sea kayaking Reloncavi Fjord, rafting Petrohue River. Puerto Montt, the start of the Austral Highway south to...
  •  The Aysen Region, the remote and sparsely populated area located deep in the heart of Patagonia, home to countless fjords draining from the Andean glaciers to the Atlantic Ocean. Aysen is an outdoor wonderland with hiking and backpacking in Patagonia Park and Queulat National Park, ice-trekking on Exploradores Glacier, kayaking on Lake General Carrera to the Marble Caves, rafting the Baker River, relaxing in the hot springs at Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa.
  •  Torres del Paine National Park, the spectacular area in the southernmost part of Chilean Patagonia. Based at one of the park lodges activities include trekking the classic Torres del Paine Circuit or W Trek, the day hike to the Base of the Paine Towers, horseback riding from a working Patagonian estancia, mountain biking to Laguna Azul, kayaking on Grey Lake or paddling the Serrano River to the Balmaceda Glacier.

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Amazing trip.  Our travel agency worked with me to craft the trip exactly they way I wanted to get the mixture of natural beauty, wildlife, wine tasting and historic sites. The hotels and guides they selected were top quality and more than met my expectations.  We got personalized service throughout the entire trip.

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