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"If you're looking for a destination with fully developed mass tourism infrastructure, Nicaragua may not be for you... But if you want to see a beautiful country filled with raw culture, breath-taking nature and unbelievably kind people - we're waiting for you. Visit Nicaragua now before everyone else discovers it!"

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A land of lakes and volcanoes, with a proud, fiery culture, Nicaragua is pure passion.

Poets and revolutionaries: Nicaragua has spawned both in abundance. Yet apart from its sumptuous colonial cities and stormy history, what most characterizes this Central American gem is the sheer gorgeousness of its tropical landscapes.

That beauty starts at the Pacific, with some of the best surfing in the Americas. It extends to the central cordillera, home of cloud forests and lush coffee fincas. And it’s capped off in the Caribbean, where tiny islands are like intimations of paradise. Best of all, because Nicaragua is comparatively unvisited, you’ll have these treasures all to yourself, without the tourist crowds.

Here’s a sample of what awaits you in this Central American sleeper:

  •  “Magnificent pyramids, whose summits pierce the billowy clouds”: when Mark Twain saw Ometepe Island, in stunning Lake Nicaragua, he longed to light out for its peaks and lush hillsides. You will too. Trekking, monkey watching, camping, it’s all here.
  •  León and Granada: Nicaragua’s twin colonial capitals pulse with color and life. Head up to the rooftops of the cathedrals, or take a tour in a horse-drawn carriage.
  •  The Corn Islands in the Caribbean are the ultimate in sugary beaches and secluded coves. Explore coral reefs and underwater caves by day, then sway in a hammock under the stars at night.
  •  In Nicaragua, volcanoes are everywhere—and still active. Rent a boogie board to surf down their blackened slopes, or look directly into a fiery crater after dark.
  •  Jonesing for some good joe? Coffee cooperatives near Matagalpa let you pick cherries alongside the locals. Then watch as your harvest is roasted to perfection.

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OMG! Everything was perfect! I wish you could see my pics on Facebook. They are amazing! Accommodations were unbelievable, local travel agency and guides were top notch. So on top of things, all connections went so smoothly. We loved all the hotels and are so glad we switched the last one.

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