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Why Patagonia?

"As a self proclaimed adventurer, Patagonia is one of my favorite destinations in the world. 

The landscape, full of sharp mountain peaks,  massive glaciers and colorful lakes, constantly takes my breath away."

Patagonia Torres del Paine National Park

Patagonia Mount Fitz Roy

Rockhopper Penguin Puerto Deseado Patagonia



Patagonia is a windswept, sparsely populated tract of wilderness shared by Argentina and Chile — it is an outdoorsman’s (or -woman’s) dream.

Its stark outback encompasses grassy steppes, expanding glaciers, Andean peaks, and some of the most stunning lake country on the planet. But Patagonia is a place of beauty as well as ruggedness.

The adventure starts at Bariloche, an Argentine ski resort whose Alpine-style chateaus offer a perfect base for exploring the lakes and wooded trails of Nahuel Huapi National Park, hiking the flanks of Mount Tronador.

From there, a leisurely boat trip takes you over sapphire-colored lakes into Chile, against a backdrop of snowy volcanoes and virgin forest. Venturing further south, the high point of the region looms into view at Torres del Paine, whose triple peaks were chosen for the cover of National Geographic as one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Here are some of the near-infinite travel possibilities you’ll find in this land of extremes:

  •  Argentina’s electric-blue Perito Moreno glacier groans and cracks under its own expanding weight. Stand watching long enough, and you’ll likely witness huge splinters of ice break off and fall crashing into the sea. Afterwards, you can don crampons for a trek across the glacier itself.
  •  Southern Patagonia’s estancias have preserved their original settlers’ sheep-farming ways for centuries. Today, homestays allow you to experience their gaucho lifestyle first hand.
  •  Into wildlife spotting? The Valdes Peninsula teems with rare species: killer whales, sea lions, sea elephants, and Magellan penguins are the stars of this marine odyssey.
  •  Chile’s Austral Highway is a prime route for adventure travelers, whether by bicycle or 4X4. It unspools through almost 800 miles of gorgeous scenery, including fjords, lofty peaks, and waterfalls.
  •  Chile’s Lake District is a blue-and-emerald paradise. From the German-influenced town of Puerto Varas, you can hike the temperate woodlands of Alerce Andino National Park, sea kayak through icy inlets, or trek through a valley of granite domes and old-growth forests.
  •  On the watery island of Chiloe, a traditional folk culture still follows the ways of its ancestors. That means houses perched on stilts, churches held together by wooden pegs, and a lively belief in magic woven into everyday life.


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"Trip of a lifetime"

I was very impressed with Lost World from my first encounter via email with them. They put together a wonderful itinerary that suited our needs and expectations to the T. 

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